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    Puppies 10 weeks to 20 weeks
    Second set of Distemper/Parvovirus shots required
    6-Week Session $220
    New puppies accepted weekly during the session
    Classes prorated based on number attended
CLASS FOCUS: Puppy parenting, housetraining, handling exercises, bite inhibition, socialization, basic commands, grooming, appropriate toys. Introduction to "Clicker Training." Puppy playtime is fun for all!
    Puppies 5 months to 9 months. Puppy Play Socialization to learn Good Doggie Skills, dogs learn "Sit" to greet people, "Down," "Come," "Leave-It," and how to walk on a loose leash without pulling. 6 weeks $220.   

    6-Week Session $220
    Good Manners 1 - Dogs over 9 Months
CLASS FOCUS: Using the principles of Clicker Training, dogs learn "Sit" to greet people, "Down," "Come," "Leave-It," and how to walk on a loose leash without pulling. Play games, learn tricks and teach your dog basic good manners!

PLEASE NOTE    a. Please fill out the Orientation Packet information and
EMAIL BEFORE THE CLASS, along with current vaccination records.

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    Pre-Requisite: Good Manners 2
    6-Week Session $220
CLASS FOCUS: Building on Basic Manners using distractions "Wait," "Down," "Look," "Leave-It," Loose Leash Walking with distractions. Lots of fun and games, too!Introduction to Agility and Canine Good Citizen exercises and Rally.
    Pre-requisite: Good Manners 2
    6-Week Session $220
CLASS FOCUS: You and your dog working together in the real world. Good Manners exercises with real-life distractions. Keep your dog connected with you in every situation. Tic-Tac-Toe, Follow the Leader and other games make working together fun! Canine Good Citizen Exercises
    Pre-requisite: Good Manners 2
CLASS FOCUS: Do you love training and working with your dog? This class is for you! Build on your dog's skills and work towards off-leash reliability in a more formalized obedience setting.
    Pre-requisite Good Manners 2
    6-Week Session $220
CLASS FOCUS: Preparation for your dog and you to take the Canine Good Citizen test given by the American Kennel Club. Test is comprised of 10 items: Loose Leash Walking, Stays, Come when called, brushing and handling by stranger without dog moving, dog held by stranger while owner is out of sight, walking past loud noise and strange object. The Canine Good Citizen Test will be offered periodically throughout the year by a licensed evaluator.
    Pre-requisite /i>
CLASS FOCUS: Preparation for the Therapy Dog International or Delta Society pet therapy tests. After passing temperament evaluations and required tests, you and your dog can visit patients in local nursing homes and hospital, which recognize TDI and Pet Partners certifications.
    Pre-requisite Good Manners 2
CLASS FOCUS: A fun class to practice your basic skills. Rally is a combination of Obedience and Agility. To enter Rally, a dog must know "Sit," "Down," "Stay" and "Loose-Leash Walking." The handler can talk to and encourage the dog. Dog and handler complete a course by moving from station to station, performing each exercise as indicated. Trials are held by the American Kennel Club or the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. A title is awarded for 3 qualifying scores.
    Pre-requisite: Connecting with Your Dog
CLASS FOCUS: Work as a team with your dog learning new skills, on and off leash. Using Rally-O, Agility and Freestyle exercises as an enjoyable way to build a stronger relationship with your dog.
    Pre-requisite Good Manners 2
CLASS FOCUS: Set to music, Canine Freestyle combines obedience, tricks and choreographed dance moves for you and your dog to do together! Improve your relationship with your dog and work as a team to master all sorts of fancy maneuvers. Stay physically and mentally active and have lots of fun "dancing" with your dog!
CLASS FOCUS: Special class for owners of newly adopted greyhounds, to help the dogs adjust to their new lives.
CLASS FOCUS: Hands-on class taught by TTouch practitioner, Lisa Mellott. These classes will cover the basic principles and techniques used the in Tellington TTouch method.
Click here for more information on TTouch

    Pre-requisite: Instructor's Recommendation
CLASS FOCUS: This class is for dogs who exhibit aggression on-leash by barking and lunfing at dogs. The purpose of this class is to teach you how to handle your dog in public. Your dog will learn to relax around other dogs, be more confident and look to you for direction in these situations.

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