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PLEASE NOTE: Weather-related closings will be posted on the website homepage, recorded on our telephone message 203-975-8151, & televised on Channel 12.

You will need the following for classes:

  • REQUIRED! Please bring a copy of your dog's Rabies,
       Distemper and Parvovirus vaccination records to the first
       class or fax them to 203-975-7457 prior to the first
       class. Rabies not required for Puppy Class. Please Note 2 sets of Distemper and Parvo Virus Vaccinations are required to start Puppy Class. Puppy must be at least 10 weeks of age.

  • Collar: Leather, buckle or quick release nylon collar,
       Halti, or Gentle Leader or head collars or No-Slip
       Martingale Collar or No-Pull Harness.
       (Please no choke or pinch collars!)

  • Leash: Six foot leather, nylon or web leash. (Please no
       retractable leashes or Flexi-Leads!)

  • Treats to reward your dog - Soft and chewy treats are
       best including cheese, hotdogs, and chicken. Treats
       should be broken or cut up into small bits.

  • Fanny Pack or pouch for treats or clothing with
       easily-accessible pockets.


       If you forget your clean-up materials, please ask and we
       will provide them.

  • Water bowl

  • A rug or mat for your dog to lay on in class

  • Stuffed, frozen Kong

  • Brush to groom your dog (Puppy Classes)

    Additional Information...

    Please bring a hungry dog to class!

    Please wear comfortable clothes and rubber-soled shoes. NO sandals or slip-ons, please!

    If your dog is unable to come to class, please arrange to pick up the homework so you may continue your training at home. Homework can be picked up at classtime, or faxed or emailed to you upon request.

    If your female dog comes in heat, please do not bring her to class.

    Please inform us if your dog is neutered or spayed or
    has any other medical issues and always follow your veterinarian's advice.


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